Wrongful Arrest Lawyer in Kansas City

The decision on whether to take these cases maybe has more factors that go in to the decision than any other type of lawsuit. Was a constitutional right violated by a law enforcement officer or security guard. Do we have Sovereign Immunity and or Public Duty Doctrine concerns. These cases are very evidence and fact heavy. The actions of the officers are reviewed but also the actions and situation the potential client is in or what situation their actions have put them in. These cases need strong evidence and documents to support the injured person claims and the injury has to be of a severe enough nature to make the case cost effective and worthwhile. These cases are deposition intensive and require expert opinions and can be very expensive to litigate. If you think you have a claim for damages in that you were wronged by a law enforcement officer or agency in order to seek out the evidence and documents early which is crucial you need to contact a wrongful arrest attorney immediately.

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