Personal Injury Lawyer in Kansas City

It is important that if you have a legal issue or believe you have a claim for an injury or violation of your rights that you consult with an attorney. There is no need to be scared or intimidated the conversation with an attorney is a privileged communication. The consult will or should include the attorney sharing his opinions and legal expertise in the current laws and the workings of the legal system. Importantly there are times when you should not wait because the cause of action you think you may have, has a Statute of Limitations Period which will soon run or end. The Statute of Limitations period is an arbitrary administrative period set by the State of Missouri for when a particular type of claim/cause of action (or lawsuit) may be brought in a Missouri Court having proper jurisdiction. Once the Statute of limitations period runs the case or claim is lost forever. The Lawyer you consult will know the time period for which your particular case/claim type will run or expire and can provide that information to you. The sooner the better in seeking legal counsel in civil cases applies where a lawyer will need to investigate and or review records to decide if a case has merit before the lawyer can take the case. Further when you meet with and consult a lawyer if you have a good case your conversation can end up with you the potential client ending up interviewing the lawyer to see if he is the right fit for you and the Lawyer trying to impress you in order to get your business.

Recent News

Hepatitis C eroded Mike Jones’ liver for years, even as he made repeated trips to the Kansas City VA Medical Center to be treated for a variety of other ailments.

VA staff members knew that Jones had hepatitis C. They’d known since at least 2006. But according to a lawsuit, from 2012 to 2015, Jones didn’t get any of the regular scans or ultrasounds that patients with the condition should get. He also didn’t get drugs approved in 2014 that are highly effective at curing it.

By the time the VA staff realized Jones had fallen out of the regular treatment protocol, his condition had deteriorated into fatal liver cancer, according to the suit filed on behalf of Jones’ daughter.

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