Edward A. Stump

Date of Birth: October 16th, 1975

Place of Birth: Sterling, Illinois


Educational Background:

High School: Newman Central Catholic High School Graduate Class of 1994

College: St. Ambrose University Graduate Class of 1998

  • Attended on an Academic and Athletic Scholarship (Football)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree
  • Major 1: Mass Communications Journalism
  • Major 2: Political Science
  • Minor 1: Philosophy

Juris Doctorate Degree
(With a Hours of Study at Oxford University Summer Program)
University of Oklahoma School of Law Graduate Class of 2001


Member of the Missouri Bar Association since 2005
Member of Missouri Western District Court since 2005


Ed began his legal career in 2006 while working as an associate attorney with William H. Pickett, PC. and worked directly for Attorney Bill Pickett in the field of civil litigation and personal injury. Ed began The Law Offices of Edward A. Stump, LLC. and Was acting in a solo capacity at or near the end of 2007. Ed having been seriously injured in a Harley accident while he was in college chose to help people who are injured because he understands what they are going through and has always felt that these are the people that needed his help the most. Ed since having his own legal practice has handled cases from the beginning client consult to the end of a jury trial. Ed has had what he feels is a wide and diverse client pool over the years with many interesting cases. Ed has been fortunate enough and has had the privilege to truly get to know his clients on a personal level. Ed has over the years expanded his practice from personal injury to include many areas of civil litigation including Worker’s Compensation, Discrimination/Harassment, Excessive Force, Medical Malpractice and other areas of litigation.

“I have always liked being the go to guy…. the guy that others could rely on whether it was in sports, guidance/support to family and friends or a legal counsel to clients… It makes you feel good that when others our in a time of need they think of you or look to you for help.”
-Attorney Ed Stump