Landlord and Tenant Attorney in Kansas City

The Law Offices of Edward A. Stump, LLC. handles as clients, both Landlords and Tenants.  As to Landlords they need to provide proper documentation evidencing the contract/lease, the failure to pay and the economic damages suffered. The tenant needs to show that they have not committed any lease violations or that they are not delinquent or that they have a valid reason for non-payment and there have been proper communications with their Landlord.

    Within thirty days after the date of termination of the tenancy, the landlord shall:
  • (1) Return the full amount of the security deposit; or
    (2) Furnish to the tenant a written itemized list of the damages for which the security deposit or any portion thereof is withheld, along with the balance of the security deposit

    If the landlord wrongfully withholds all or any portion of the security deposit in violation of this section, the tenant shall recover as damages twice the amount wrongfully withheld.